Teen Health Programs


TeensOur goal is to create and provide broad based community directed health education activities, promoting healthy choices for young people for physical, mental, spiritual and social health. By working with parents and other concerned adults, we aim to improve the health status of Kershaw and Lee County teens.

Through varied programming we intend to increase community awareness, reduce the teen pregnancy rate, provide and promote science based programs that are intended to reduce sexually related risk-taking behaviors of youth.


Family Resource Center Programs Just for Teens

Teen Outreach Program (TOP)

A science based curriculum with proven outcomes to reduce teen pregnancy and school dropout.

Girl Power / Girls Circle

An empowerment program for girls structured support group for girls from 9-18 years, integrates relational theory, resiliency practices, and skills training in a specific format designed to increase positive connection, personal and collective strengths, and competence in girls. It aims to counteract social and interpersonal forces that impede girls’ growth and development by promoting an emotionally safe setting and structure within which girls can develop caring relationships and use authentic voices.

The Council

The Council is a strengths-based group approach to promote boys’ and young men’s safe and healthy passage through pre-teen and adolescent years.

Other Evidence-Based Teen Pregnancy Prevention Programs: Wise Guys, Making Proud Choices, Reducing the Risk, and Draw the Line-Respect the Line.

Points of Light Youth Leadership Institute (PYLI)

A nationally recognized teen leadership program.

Baby Think it Over

Baby simulators used to teach the vast responsibilities involved in caring for a baby.

Empathy Belly

A pregnancy simulator and curriculum covering the development of the fetus, and physical changes of expectant mothers. Also covers the financial costs of having a baby, life goals etc.

FRC Teen Advisory Board (TAB)

Kershaw County Teens 13-19 apply to work as a volunteer advisory board member of FRC. These teens will assist with and have an opportunity to give input on decisions regarding all teen pregnancy prevention programs including, events, projects, newsletters, the teen website, etc.


FRC’s Teen website for accurate information, links to statewide and national teen pregnancy prevention program


Programs for Parents and Concerned Adults Working With Teens

Teen Reach

Workshops designed for parents and adults that work with teens. These workshops will increase the participants’ capacity to effectively work with / communicate with teens. Workshops will cover areas such as accurate information about teen pregnancy, disease prevention, teen relationship issues, effective communication, decision–making, accountability, and other related topics. Access to Teen Pregnancy Prevention staff, resources, and materials

Parents and Teens (PARENTEEN Programs)

Workshops designed for teens and parents to discuss (jointly and separately), teen dating violence, teen pregnancy, media influences, teen culture, etc. These workshops would be held at various location throughout the community and in the Lee County FRC office.