Who Are We?

 The Family Resource Center  is a non-profit organization that has, for 33 years, been dedicated to eradicating child abuse, sexual violence, and teen pregnancy in Kershaw & Lee Counties.

Our Team

Administrative Staff

Executive Director

Rosalyn Smith Stover

Financial Coordinator/Human Resource

Gail McCray


Intake Coordinator

Karmon Wright

Family Advocate & MDT Coordinator

Donna Thompson

Family Advocate, SART Coordinator and Hispanic Community Liaison

Angelica Collins

Therapy & Forensic Interviewing

Therapist & Forensic Interviewer

Angela Culbreath, LPC

Therapist & Forensic Interviewer

Agnes McDaniel, LPC-I

Forensic Interviewer

Bethany Williams, LPC

Teen Health

Teen Health Program Coordinator

Quazena Thompson

Teen Health Program Coordinator

Position Open


Engaging Men & Boys Coordinator

Russell McCray

Engaging Men & Boys Coordinator

Avery Ledwell

Victim Services Specialist

Serving people with disabilities, people of color and the people who are elderly

Sheila Farrar

Serving the LGBTQIA+ community and people who are homeless

Shonda Anthony

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