Women of Courage


Our Mission

 Women of Courage (WOC) serve as ambassadors for adults, children and families that have been impacted by abuse.

This unique membership program partners the voice, influence, and giving spirit of women 

to achieve our ultimate goal of breaking the cycle of child abuse and sexual violence

We believe that women can play a vital role in this dialogue by nurturing a community 

where we are empowered to protect children and where survivors have access to the very best recovery services.


Become a Member

 We are looking for 100 women who have the compassion and courage it takes to speak out against child abuse and support their local Children’s Advocacy Center in its work to heal the hurt of our children.  By giving an annual gift of $100 or more, you become part of an amazing membership, Women of Courage!  Help us maintain the critical FREE services needed for children and families to heal. 


Support & Empower

We ask that ambassadors use their positions, in their respective communities to talk about this cause and to influence and educate others on sexual violence and child abuse. 

Questions about Becoming a Woman of Courage?

Contact Shelia Farrar at 803-425-4357