24-Hour Crisis Line
Survivor Support
Rape Crisis Support
Support Groups
Legal and Personal Advocacy
Forensic Interviewing
Forensic Reports
Medical Referrals
Assessment and Referral
Community Education 

Child Advocacy Information

In an ideal world, no child would be abused. The reality is that many children are abused. Children’s Advocacy Centers bring together, in one location, child abuse professionals who can support the needs of the child victims and their families. 

Rape Crisis

Regardless of whether it’s a child or adult, someone who has been sexually assaulted is likely flooded with emotions: shock, disbelief, guilt, shame and embarrassment. 

Teen Health Programs

Our goal is to create and provide broad based community directed health education activities, promoting healthy choices for young people for physical, mental, spiritual and social health. By working with parents and other concerned adults, we aim to improve the health status of Kershaw and Lee County teens.